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My goals so far with the forum Empty My goals so far with the forum

Tue Sep 05, 2023 10:49 pm
One of the reasons why I created the forum and why I have chosen forum over Telegram Communities or Discord for example is the sweet nostalgia of the Forums in general. I bet a lot of you have nice memories about them, I would like to create a place for you where we can meet together, chat about our favorite topics and keep it active as possible.

My main goals are for now to find "our" design, i want to keep the site as lightweight as possible while also add something a bit more to it, so it could be opened without problems on the most of web browse and devices, stay tuned.

I will try to promote my forum, I have plans to make a partnership with the Nokia S40 group on Telegram.

After time, when we can have stable activity on the forum, I would like to also help with promoting other online communities related to the forum.

More to add soon.
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